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Recycle Used Paint Cans Paint Recycling Detox Your Home

The common household is home to many harmful chemicals and products including old paint cans. Most Australians are aware of the damages caused by pouring chemicals down the sink, but are we aware of the environmental impacts of disposing paints, industrial chemicals and waste as common household waste? Master Painters is a proud partner of the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, working with local councils to provide permanent drop off facilities to accept paint, motor oil, batteries and gas cylinders. Dispose of your chemicals safely at your local Detox Your Home disposal point for free. The Detox Your Home mobile service and permanent facilities are making recycling damaging chemicals including paint cans and paint removal products safer, easier and more accessible. The Detox Your Home is open for any Victorian Resident. Unlike ordinary household hard collection that can be left on the street curb for regular council collection, harmful chemicals and paints can pose a safety hazard for the public. Once collected by the mobile Detox Your Home service or taken to the permanent Detox Your Home facility the paint cans are immediately sorted, placed in seal drums and transported to a specialist waste treatment facility. Sustainability Victoria and Master Painters Association are making every effort to recycle the waste for reuse where possible. For a Full list of house hold chemicals that can be included in the Detox Your Home program visit and download the FAQ pack. For training on how to implement sustainable practices in professional painting visit Master Painters Association Victoria and Tasmania.

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