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Are painters licensed in Victoria and Tasmania?

Many consumers are not aware that we do not have licensing of painting contractors in Victoria or Tasmania and as your home is generally your most valuable asset, why do we let unqualified painters undertake work on our most valuable asset?  National Licensing was being looked at by the National Occupational Licensing Authority( NOLA) thru a number of advisory committees in 2013/14.  This authority has now been scraped. The Finishing trades such as painting, tilelaying etc are still without licensing in Victoria and Tasmania and that is why it is important you only engage a painter that is registered with the Master Painters Association.  By using a member of the Master Painters Association you will have peace of mind that the contractor will:

  • have current public liability insurance
  • abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics.
  • meet the Association’s membership criteria – see under Membership

If you have already chosen your painter, why not give the Master Painters Association a call to check if they’re a member. If you’re still looking, let us assist you by providing a referral and contact details of some members in your area. Click here to send us your request.

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