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MPAL and Certificate III Painting and Decorating Online

 Master Painters Australia(MPA) was formed over 100 years ago by a group of likeminded tradesmen that identified the need to have an organization that would be able to support them by providing business information, support in training and the capacity to negotiate with state and federal governments.  Master Painters Australia has functioned as an independent association representing companies, individuals and consumers.

The MPA is the peak industry body for the painting and decorating industry in Australia.

We have been approached by a number of organizations for a comment on Certificate III Painting and Decorating on line training for apprentices and asked if we support this type of training.

 The MPA has always supported the apprenticeship system in Australia and the Registered Training Organizations (RTO’s) that deliver the quality training that is required to train our apprentices and future leaders of our industry.

 Master Painters Australia does not support an online Qualification Certificate III Painting and Decorating training package. However, Master Painters Australia does acknowledge there are some parts of some competencies to help underpin their knowledge are able to be delivered online, but not all 27 competencies.

We also have concerns that there are some RTO’s that have Painting and Decorating on their scope of registration although they do not have painting and decorating departments.  Some of these RTO’s who do not have Painting and Decorating Departments are being used by training brokers to sign off students that have undertaken their competencies via the Recognized Prior Learning system.  The Recognized Prior Learning model gives people who have been in the industry for at least 5 years an avenue to receive their Trade Qualifications based on their years of experience and knowledge gained while working within the industry.    From all the feedback we have received through employers within the P&D industry it is our belief, training brokers are not assessing all the elements and critical criteria required against all the competencies of Certificate III in Painting and Decorating.

 What does this all mean to our Industry?

 People receive their trade qualifications without meeting all the requirements that the title “Painter & Decorator” means including the required skill set as outlined in the training package.This in turn reflects badly on all Painters & Decorators within the industry and exposing the consumer to substandard work. This could impact on availability of work as the consumer lacks the confidence in employing a contractor to complete a painting project and electing to complete the work themselves.

 To be a qualified painter and decorator requires skill, knowledge and a practical hands-on approach to produce the quality paint finishes expected within our industry.  With over 100 years of knowledge behind Master Painters Australia, it has become a known fact that not all employers cover the full aspect of the Painting & Decorating Trade.  There are some companies that are not interested in whether their employees’ specialize in all aspects of the trade if they feel it is not relevant to their work at that time.   This is another reason that having training in either a classroom and/or an onsite environment delivered by trade qualified trainers/ assessors in the painting and decorating industry is beneficial to deliver the appropriate skill set to meet all the requirements in the Cert III Painting and Decorating training package. 

 For more information, contact:

Mark Amos – Master Painters Australia National Spokesman

Phone: 03 9813 5922  E-mail:


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