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Finishing Trades Association of Australia

The FTAA was established over 10 years ago to bring together Commercial Painters, Tilelayers, Protective Coatings Companies, Commercial Signwriters and Plastering Contractors.  Uniting under one umbrella enables us to negotiate and co-ordinate during industrial negotiations, marketing and Government relations issues. We are a non-profit employer association managed by a group of elected directors.

The FTAA has two principal objectives assisting the interests of its members in a business sense and ensuring that the professional standards of the industry are upheld.  In achieving these, the FTAA makes a valuable contribution to its members and in particular the industry as a whole.

Members of the Finishing Trades Association of Australia can build security and growth into their businesses with the support of a professional organization that knows the industry.

Some of the essential services that FTAA offers our members are:

  • Industrial Relations Advice
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreements
  • Access to Costing Guides
  • Access to Current Wage Rates both domestic and commercial
  • Copy of Surface Coatings Industry Standard
  • Subcontractors Agreements
  • Full range of Merchandise including quotes books and variation books
  • Use of FTAA Logo
  • Discounts on vehicles purchased from Volkswagen and Toyota
  • Tax and Legal Advice
  • Technical Advice
  • Debt Collection, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Service
  • Trade News Magazine /Painters Pipeline E newsletter
  • Business Documents such as letterheads, business cards etc.

If you would like to know more about the FTAA or about EBA’s please contact the office on 03 9813 5922.