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BOARD 2018/2019

Matthew Pauli  
Rudi’s Painting Service Bob De Groot Painting Services
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Bob De Groot 
Bob De Groot Painting Services
 0419 002 321

 Leo Gmehling
Essendon Master Painters and Decorators
0418 332 396
Haluk Kar
HK Building Services Pty Ltd
0438 676 383
David Bak
K & D Bak Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd
0432 223 344

Robert Fraser

Lets Roll Painting
0409 401 720
Mark Flood 
Marspec Services Pty Ltd 
0407 521 354


Mark Amos JP
0418 389 010


Life Members

Tony Lopes
Malcolm McKinnon
Peter Rasmussen
Alan Farr
Eric Zeev
Ted Plaister
David Mulholland


MPAV/FTAA Strategic Plan

January 2017

The strategic plan for the Master Painters Association and Finishing Trades Association has been developed through a series of consultative processes involving staff and the Board of Directors.
This document contains the mission and vision for our organisation. The Key Result Areas set the general direction for this agency over the next three to five years.
The strategic plan should be read in conjunction with the MPA,s Code of Ethics.
The Board of Directors follow standard governance procedures that separate the role and function of the Board and the staff.
This document will be formally reviewed every year. Annual changes are expected to maintain the evolutionary focus of the strategic plan.

The Master Painters Association and Finishing Trades Association will provide a service to our industry members and consumers to the fullest extent.
We place a high value on…
# Recognition of the dignity, integrity and the rights of the individual
# Excellence in all aspects of our work
# Staff commitment and support
# Accountability to all stakeholders
# Visibility and interaction/involvement with the community
# Co-operation with other industry providers
The community regards the Master Painters Association and Finishing Trades Association as the preferred provider of painting and decorating services.


Members receive high quality information and service.
Key Performance Indicators are:
1. Quality membership is maintained.
2. Recommendations to the board for the maintenance of existing and
additional services are based on sound research.
3. A range of small and large contractors will enable quality to be
4. There is the appointment and retention of quality staff.

The business infrastructure supports the ongoing and long term viability of the association.
Key Performance Indicators are:
1. Cost management delivers business efficiencies for members.
2. Service development growth is linked with financial growth.
3. New and alternate sources of funding are identified and as appropriate, pursued.
(a) Training funds
(b) Increase sponsors
4. Cash reserves are used to generate financial and service viability and sustainability.
5. The business viability of individual program/functions is maintained.
6. There is a culture of quality in all aspects of the association’s activities both in operational and governance.
7. The board receives soundly researched and considered advice on issues of structure and governance.
8. There is a whole of approach in all planning for facilities and business development.

The industry views our service as a high integrity, quality provider to the surface coating industry.
Key Performance Indicators are:-
1. The industry is aware of our competencies and range of services.
(a) support is available if not provided by the MPA
2. Member perception is evaluated and actions taken to make relevant improvements.
3. Member services are easily accessible.
4. A strong sense of ownership facilitates member participation.

Reviewed Every January