Marcus Uniforms

2014 Awards of Excellence

Awards for Excellence 2014


Winner                                 Domestic New Project Over $30,000 – Top Notch Coatings Commercial Pty Ltd

Winner                                 New Project – Commercial – Programmed Property Services

Winner                                 Repaint – Domestic Under $30,000 – McRyan Master Painters and Decorators

High Distinction                 Repaint – Domestic Under $30,000 – ABC Decopainting Services

Winner                                 Repaint Commercial Under $100,000 – Johnson Painting Group

High Distinction                 Repaint Commercial Under $100,000 – Commercial Industrial Painting Services

Winner                                 Repaint Commercial Over $100,000 – Commercial Industrial Painting Services

High Distinction                 Repaint Commercial Over $100,000 – Programmed Property Services

Winner                                 Heritage Restoration – Barry Davies Painting Pty Ltd

High Distinction                 Heritage Restoration – Mike Bailey Paint Services Pty Ltd

Winner                                 Decorative Finishes – Top Notch Coatings Commercial Pty Ltd

High Distinction                 Decorative Finishes – Staab Décor Pty Ltd

Winner                                 Enviropainter Project – Programmed Property Services

High Distinction                 Enviropainter Project – Mike Bailey Paint Services


Apprentice of the Year

Frank Jacobs Awards      3rd Year Apprentice – Joshua Dever

                                                4th Year Apprentice – Anthony Leju