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Uni-Pro releases the “Peel-A-Tray”.

A breakthrough in roller tray technology! 

Uni-Pro announces the release of a brilliant new roller tray onto the Australian market. The “Peel-A-Tray” is a sturdy tray with 2 disposable tray liners, giving you three trays in one, but the real plus is in the cleaning up.

 If you’ve ever cleaned a roller tray after painting you know how messy it can be, and how much water or solvent you need to get the tray clean. No more.  With “Peel-A-Tray” you simply peel the four corners of the liner up off the base tray and twist. Then just hold the liner over your paint tin, pierce, and squeeze the leftover paint back into the tin without getting your hands dirty. Easy.

Another big “Peel-A-Tray” benefit is when you need to pause or interrupt your  painting job, to return to it later. Simply wrap your roller in the used tray liner and it’s ready to go the next day. If you’re planning to use a paint roller any time soon “Peel-A-Tray” will make it easier, quicker and far more convenient.

“Peel-A-Tray” ticks all the boxes when it comes to the environment, as well! The tray is made from 50% recycled material and requires 50% less energy to manufacture it over a normal plastic tray. And the liner, when scrunched up and disposed of, also substantially reduces waste going to landfill.

“Peel-A-Tray” from Uni-Pro retails from $8.50 and is available from all good hardware and paint retailers.

 For all stock requirements contact (03) 9761 7900 or email

UNi-PRO Painting Equipment Pty Ltd
ABN 78 005 665 234
Units 9 & 11, 144-150 Canterbury Rd
PO Box 657
PHONE:   03 9761 7900
FAX:         03 9761 6522

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