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The redundancy fund Incolink is Victoria’s good corporate citizen of the year.

Incolink was presented with the award for Community and Public Service by a Good Corporate Citizen by the Victoria Day Council on July 1, Victoria’s 160th birthday, the anniversary of its independence from NSW.

Accepting the award for Incolink was the Manager of Member Services Tim Corney with members of the team, Emma Green- Projects Coordinator and Laura Kaczkowski- Marketing and Communications Executive.

This year there were other worthy winners and Incolink took its place on the podium beside Victorian of the Year, Father Bob Macguire and Young Victorian of the Year, Amit Menghani.

Other awards included the Award for Community and Public Service by a Victorian Organisation going to the Country Women’s Association and the Chairman’s Perpetual Award which was accepted on behalf of the late Incolink Chairman, David Murden.

As a “Corporate Citizen”, Incolink is a little unusual – it is a partnership of more than 20 years between employers and unions in the Victorian building and construction industry

The award recognises Incolink’s support for these workers – both financially and through its health and wellbeing programs – as well as Incolink’s role in helping the wider community through its many philanthropic programs.

Incolink’s primary role is providing financial security to building and construction workers through the peaks and troughs of the building cycle – when workers are between jobs, or in periods of unemployment.

But Incolink, through careful management of these funds, provides much more.

Incolink’s health and wellbeing programs for building and construction workers include:

• A campaign to promote and subsidise prostate checks.

• A partnership with VicWork to provide health checks on the job.

• Support for separated fathers.

• Counselling and support on financial concerns, relationships issues, and problems like alcohol, drugs and gambling

• Support for young apprentices in country Victoria – a particularly high-risk group.

• And more.

Incolink’s programs are the social glue that supports the workers who create this State’s buildings and infrastructure. That’s 200,000 Victorian workers and their immediate family.

Incolink’s late chairman David Muirden had a goal that working in the building and construction industry the career of first choice for young people and their parents.

Incolink’s manager of member services, Tim Corney, told the Victoria Day presentation: “We hope through our health and wellbeing programs that we are benefiting not just this industry – but also the wider Victorian community.”

Incolink Board member Brian Welch, executive director of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, was also present to receive the perpetual trophy sponsored by VECCI.

In addition to its financial role and health programs, Incolink provides members with a range of benefits:

• 24 hour, 7 day accident and illness insurance cover • assistance with finding new employment (an average 8 positions/week, with a 99% success rate) • careers counselling and training • subsidies to attend training programs

But its philanthropic programs go beyond the fund’s immediate members and their families. Incolink has developed a suite of programs that address the issues of young apprentices, and works closely with TAFEs to deliver support to approximately 10,000 apprentices each year with preventative education, one-on-one support, counselling and referral services.

And Incolink supports other community organisations

• providing grants and scholarships to community organisation and individuals

• supporting the work and education training unit, The Island

• providing funding to improve education and employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians

• supporting Kids Under Cover, to provide housing for young people who are at risk of becoming homeless.

• giving grants to the Mater Medical Research Institute for many years to support them find a cure for prostate cancer – one of the biggest killers of men in Victoria.

• an annual grant to Suicide Prevention Australia.

The goal of Incolink’s philanthropic work is simple: it aligns with the work they do to promote the health and wellbeing of the whole Victorian community.

The Board, Staff and members of Master Painters Association of Victoria, Congratulate Incolink on their award for Community and Public Service .


Victoria Day awards

Previous winners of Award for Community and Public Service by a Good Corporate Citizen include: • Bunnings • Bendigo Bank • Toyota • RACV • Ritchies • MECU Ltd



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