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National Paint Stewardship Scheme-Update 9: April 2015

The APMF prepares for an ACCC Application to authorise the Scheme’s arrangements

Latest News

Following the Second Retailer Form, held on Sydney on 26 February 2015, the Waste Paint
Implementation Working Group (Working Group) endorsed the draft Business Plan and
the proposed 15c/litre recovery levy on accepted products, to fund the future paint
stewardship scheme. The APMF is now in the process of finalising its application for an
authorisation of the proposed arrangement, under the Trade Practices Act.

Unwanted Paint Listed as a Problem Waste in Australia

It is estimated that over 24,000 tonnes of architectural and decorative (A&D) paint and
associated packaging, or roughly 6.1% of annual sales, currently becomes waste annually
in Australia (Nolan, 2014).

Waste paint is listed as a Priority Product for development of stewardship arrangements
under the Product Stewardship Act 2011. The Working Group, with senior representation
from the paint industry and government, are in the final stages in the development of an
industry-led, national scheme to safely and efficiently recover unwanted paint before it
enters the waste stream or the environment.

Finalisation of Business Plan and Legal Documents

Feedback received during and after the Second Retailers Forum has now been
incorporated into Version 10 of the proposed Scheme’s five year Business Plan.

Work is now focussed on preparing: the Participating Member Agreement; the long-term
licensing of the proposed Brand; and the Constitution for the new independent paint
product stewardship organisation.

Next Steps

Once these agreements have been finalised, Version 10 of the Business Plan will be
circulated to the Working Group for final comments. Together with the above legal
documents, the final Business Plan and supporting financial modelling spreadsheets will
make up the key components of the authorisation application.

Key Implementation Timings

The expected date for the lodgement of the ACCC application will now be May 2015. This
will allow the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) the statutory six
month period to consult on and then consider the application.

The ACCC will make an interim decision after four months. Pending a favourable decision,
the new product stewardship organisation could then be incorporated and an interim
Board appointed. A final decision would be made around November 2015.

The target date for the Scheme’s launch remains 2 May 2016.

Previous Update and Background Work

All updates, research and underpinning documentation are available for review online at

Contact Information

The Working Group encourages all stakeholders to comment or request further
information on the progress of the scheme at any time.

For general information please contact the Secretariat – Paint Stewardship,
Implementation Working Group at or, submit
formal comment to Richard Phillips, Executive Director Australian Paint Manufacturers’
Federation at

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