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Master Painters Association of Victoria—Calendar App

Þ MPAV is getting up to speed with technology,  Is Your Business?

Þ Introducing a great way to remember the important events .

Þ Up to date information regarding MPAV events, engagements and important dates throughout the year of Master Painters Victoria

Þ Syncing of personal dates from the native calendar so you can easily view and avoid potential clashes

Þ Functionality enabling  members to locate websites, contact phone numbers and email addresses of crucial contacts within the association.

INTRODUCING……………. Master Painters Aust VIC—Calendar App

 Picture1                             assoc app

Available free at

 Google play    App store

User Comments - MPAV Introduces—— NEW E...

Posted on 11th October 2013 - 2:53 pm by Matt Blake

Hi All, Really love that new App, highly recommend it. its fantastic.
Thanks MPA

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