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Master Painters Australia Limited (MPAL), the federal body that represents Queensland ,Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales in the painting and decorating industry, MPAL have been developing a formal structure to present to the National Occupational Licensing Authority (NOLA) when formal discussions are due to commence later in the year or early next year on the possible introduction of national licensing for the painting and decorating industry. Master Painters Australia Limited is the leading industry body which regularly consults with Government and other industry associations at State and Federal levels representing the Painting and Decorating industry.

Master Painters Australia Limited through their state associations has always supported the need for a national license and it is pleasing to be moving forward on the possibility of this happening. (MPAL ) have conducted many surveys of our the members and other industry representatives over the years and National Licensing is strongly supported by all.

Master Painters Australia National Spokesman- Mr Mark Amos

For more information,

contact: Therese Lauriola – Federal Secretariat Master Painters Australia


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