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Master Painters Australia- Federal Body New Head Office

29th October,2012

The Federal Directors of the Master Painters Australia Ltd are pleased to announce that NSW Master Painters Association have been elected to manage the Federal Secretariat of the Master Painters Australia .

Therese Lauriola CEO of MPA NSW has been appointed as the secretary to the board and will manage the activities of the Federal Board with the assistance of state managers. Mark Amos JP CEO of The Master Painters Association VIC/TAS will continue as the National spokesperson for the Federal body.

Mike Bailey the Federal Chairman stated that this was an exciting time for the Master Painters Australia with associated states committed to working together and supporting the introduction of National Licensing for the painting Industry which is long overdue. The chairman also welcomed the industry support from paint manufactures, retailers painting contractors and consumers in lifting the finishing standards within our industry.

The Board of Directors in Western Australia has decided to go in a new direction for their members and have resigned from Master Painters Australia and we wish them well. Master Painters Australia will now consist of New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland.

The Federal body has a longstanding history which began in 1913, the aim of the body being, to protect, promote and further the interests of Painters and Decorators at a National level.  This is achieved by the CEO’s of each State’s organisation attending and contributing in a number of consultative forums throughout Australia. Master Painters Australia is the industry body which regularly consults with Government at State and Federal levels representing the Painting and Decorating Industry.

The Federal body will be celebrating a 100 years of service to the surface coating industry in 2013 and we look forward to celebrating this exciting event.

For more information, contact:

Therese Lauriola Federal Secretariat Master Painters Australia



Master Painters Australia

PO Box 122, STRATHFIELD SOUTH  NSW 2136             

(02 ) 9758 8877


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