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Industry Working Together for Best Practice in the Panting and Plastering Trades

It is great to see industries in the finishing trades working together to solve an ongoing problem.

Master Painters Australia Limited (MPAL) would like to acknowledge the great work by representatives from AWCI, AWCIANZ, Queensland Building Services Authority(QBSA), Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl ,Master Painters Association of Queensland, Peer Industries, Boral Plasterboard and SkillsTech Australia in developing an industry best practice for the painting and presentation of wallboard finishing.

As it says in the article extract from ‘The National Publication of The Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries’ attached to this press release about obtaining a copy of the *AS/NZ 2589:2007 Gypsum Linings Application and Finishing Standard, for painters to meet the best industry practice they should obtain a copy of the *AS/NZ 2311:2009 Painting of Buildings and **The Industry Standard for The Surface Coating Industry.

Although we are always being pushed into taking short cuts the only way is the right way to meet the quality of finishes the consumer has right to expect.

Extract-‘The National Publication of The Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries’ 

 Master Painters Australia National Spokesman- Mr Mark Amos


**        Available from you state MPA office


For more information, contact:

Therese Lauriola– Federal Secretariat Master Painters Australia


Celebrating 100 years 


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