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Incolink Reaches 25 Year Milestone


Incolink celebrated a milestone of 25 Years Supporting the Victorian commercial building and construction industry at Luminiare and has launched a book to capture its achievements as the largest redundancy fund over the past 25 years  

 Tommy Watson, Incolink Chairman said “The celebration was a proud moment for Incolink, where we were able to reflect on our past, and look to the future as a dynamic leader, alongside our stakeholders into what lies ahead for the Industry.”

 Founded in 1989, Incolink established itself as a leader in redundancy funds management and has experienced growth over 25 years. Incolink has transformed from a small business through to the leading industry redundancy fund.

 It is purely coincidental, but looking back to 1988 when Incolink was formed, the Industry was facing somewhat similar, difficult times. Over the 25 year journey there have been a number of challenges for the Industry and there is no denying it is doing it tough at present.

2014 highlights 25 years of operation for Incolink, a successful and respected redundancy funds manager.  Incolink manages in excess of $700millon dollars, along with a vast array of benefits and services to workers, employers and the Industry.

Despite the current economic climate, Incolink’s business has continued to remain strong and has expanded through further innovative investments. Over the years Incolink has evolved from a redundancy fund, having more recently begun to support the creation of jobs through our Mezzanine Fund.

Incolink Chief Executive Officer, John Glasson, commented; “It has been an outstanding achievement to have reached this milestone. The past 25 years have been an incredible journey of determination and commitment by many people in the industry

We have supported thousands of workers and their families, having paid out millions of dollars in redundancy benefits and insurances.

Importantly Incolink with its wide range of services has been at the side of workers and their families at times when they most needed help.

I wish the Organisation the best with the next 25 years!”

The Board of Directors thanked John Glasson for his 25 years service to the Organisation.

For further information or images contact

Laura Meagher, Incolink Marketing & Communications Manager on 0402 039 275, or via


 History Book:     Please contact Incolink Marketing Department (03) 9668 3095  NB: it will be available online shortly

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