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Australian Paint Manufacturers’ to Seek ACCC Authorisation for the First National Waste Paint Collection Program


Press Release

The Australian paint manufacturing industry has lodged an application with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to authorise the funding of a national waste paint collection program.

The founding members of the program are DuluxGroup Limited, Henry Haymes Pty Ltd, PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd, Resene Paints (Australia) Ltd and Valspar Paint (Australia) Pty Ltd, who represent approximately 90% of architectural and decorative paint manufactured in Australia.

The industry seeks to apply a waste paint fee of $0.15 (plus GST) per litre to architectural and decorative paint in containers greater than 1 litre up to 20 litres.

This will fund the expansion of the current collection programs run by State and Territory Governments to a single nationally-coordinated Scheme, which is anticipated to reach 85% of the Australian population within five years’ time.

It will also enable, for the first time, the inclusion of waste paint from the trade sector, which are generally excluded from domestic household chemical collections (subject to State Governments amending waste regulations to enable the collection of trade waste paint).

“The fee is a relatively small cost compared to the environmental and safety benefits that can be achieved by the industry’s initiative for the community” said Richard Phillips, Executive Director of the Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation.

“The Scheme will make a substantial investment in improving consumer awareness and behaviour change, along with research for better end-of-life uses for waste paint” he said.

The industry’s application with the ACCC will undergo a six month assessment period, including public consultation with interested parties.  Authorisation is sought to June 2021.  Pending a favourable outcome from the regulator, the Scheme is expected to commence in May 2016.


Media Contact

Richard Phillips

Executive Director, Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation

Phone:  02 9876 1411


Suite 604, Level 6, 51 Rawson Street, Epping NSW 2121



About the Paint Industry

Australian paint manufacturers’ produces approximately $2.7 billion worth of surface coating products, with directly employment of some 7,500 people.  Architectural and decorator paint accounts for around 70% of the market.  The industry has closely managed the potential for environmental impacts of paint, addressing the removal of lead in paint and developing low or zero volatile organic compound paint.  The paint stewardship initiative tackles the high volume of liquid waste paint going into landfill and provides a safe and convenient disposal path for stockpiles in domestic and commercial premises.

About the Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation

The APMF represents paint and ink manufacturing companies operating across Australia.  Its activities include: creating industry guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of member employees and consumers; educating the community on its members’ products; technologies and environmental issues; reviewing legislation and tracking global trends that may impact the industry; and collecting and providing market data and information to members and other industry stakeholders.

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