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Apprentice Kickstart Bonus incentive vital for 2012 school leavers

19 October 2012 – 

 CPSISC, the National Industry Skills Council responsible for the building, construction and property services industries today welcomed the news of the reintroduction of the Apprentice Kickstart Bonus initiative.

 CPSISC, Director – Policy and Research, Nick Proud said today that “the news of the reintroduction of the $3,350 Apprentice Kickstart Bonus is a vital trigger to support keen apprentices getting a start in the trades.

 “Apprentice starts have dropped off in response to a drop in trades activity over the past year to a similar degree to the fall in apprenticeship starts as witnessed during the GFC in 2009. The Kickstart Bonus when introduced in 2009 had an immediate impact on increasing apprenticeship starts and its reintroduction at the present time is vital to stimulate workforce development opportunities.

 “With school leavers eager to enter the trades, the timing of this incentive’s reintroduction is significant and should help mums and dads who this weekend and at the current time are talking to their kids about future careers,” he said.

 “Despite some uncertainty in activity and some results that show that building and construction activity is clearly down at the present time, there are some key forecasts that provide potential optimism for investment and construction activity that should flow through in 2014-15. Without the apprenticeship starts today there will be a potential capacity gap in the workforce at that time which would threaten any uptick.

 “With future forecasts from industry for increased construction activity mid-decade which has been reinforced in recent days by David Gruen and the Federal Treasury, there is a need for targeted upskilling through measures such as the Kickstart Bonus.

 “CPSISC would be concerned should reports of big cuts in other apprenticeship programs come to be realised especially in areas that would be to the detriment of future skill supply in essential occupations to the industry and the economy overall.

 “Such incentives for key economic driver occupations is vital to meet the future demand requirements and to also promote investment in construction labour productivity capacity that will be vital to maximising the yield of a cyclical rebound, said Mr Proud.

 For media queries contact:

Nick Proud – Director: Policy and Research                  0408 538 126

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