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Since its foundation over 100 years ago, Master Painters Australia has functioned as an independent representative for firms and individuals conducting business in the painting, decorating and signwriting trades. We are a non-profit employer association managed by a group of elected directors.

The MPA has two principal objectives assisting the interests of its members in a business sense and ensuring that the professional standards of the industry are upheld. In achieving these, the MPA makes a valuable contribution to its members and in particular the industry as a whole. We are the single most authoritative organization in its field, enabling us to negotiate and co-ordinate a wide variety of business, educational and informational services for our members.
Our Team
Board of Directors
President – Bob de Groot
Vice President – Jonno Lloyd
Christopher Fry
Clint Joyce
Peter Marslen
Farbod Mollaei
Damien Ryan
Robert Young
Office Manager – Jodie Rebbechi
Accounts – Kellie Appel
Digital Marketing/Events Manager– Portia Postlethwaite
Admin – Lee Wells
The Master Painters’ Association of Victoria Ltd
Finishing Trades Association of Australia

56-58 Gaine Rd, Dandenong South, 3175
Email [email protected]
Phone 03 9813 5922

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