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Inspection Service – Tasmania

If you are currently having a dispute with a painting contractor, or have had paint work completed recently and are not satisfied, you may require a painting inspection.

 The Magistrates Court of Tasmania Civil Division can arbitrate minor civil disputes. Minor civil disputes could include matters such as disputes over the repair of a motor vehicle or an appliance, renovation work on a house, residential tenancy matters, or installation of an appliance.  A fee applies.

A report from the Master Painters Association outlining possible painting defects will certainly help your case. Our fee start from $800.00* for this service is extremely competitive and our inspectors carry the following qualifications:

  • 25 to 40 years trade experience in the painting industry
  • Certificate III in General Construction (Painting & Decorating)
  • Director of Master Painters Association of Tasmania
  • Conducted conciliations and arbitration for the painting industry

*Nominal fee for a basic domestic homes in the Hobart area. This fee will increase for painting works over a certain value and/or travel outside this area.

A fee of $80 per hour will  apply to attend hearings plus travel allowance outside of the Hobart area.

To request an Inspection, Please email us by clicking on the link below.

Request for Inspection- Tasmania



Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading may be able to assist with disputes where the advertising and transactions have occurred within Tasmania.  You must contact the trader and attempt to resolve the matter yourself before CAFT will consider becoming involved.