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Industry Standard & FAQs

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Q. Is your painter following the guidelines set out in the Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry?

This a consumer based standard and if you would like a copy please contact the office on 03 98135922.


1.1 What is the purpose of this Industry Standard

This Industry Standard (the Standard) has been developed to provide straight-forward practical advice to contractors that provide painting services in the commercial and residential sector and to assist them in good commercial behaviour and in preventing injuries.

1.2 Who should read this Standard?

This Standard should be read by:

· Contractors that provide painting services in commercial and residential sector; and · Customers that engage a contractor to provide painting services.

1.3 Scope of this Standard

This Standard is not a legislative document and compliance to this Standard is strictly voluntary.

The Standard has been prepared for the surface coating industry.

This Standard does provide practical advice on good commercial behaviour and how to effectively and systematically develop and implement prevention strategies to reduce the risk of injury.

This Industry Standard is supported by WorkSafe Victoria.

Adoption of principles outlined in this Standard is strongly encouraged by the Master Painters Victoria

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Q. Is there an Australian Standard for painting?

The Australian standard is AS/NZ 2311. 2017 Guide to painting of buildings.  It was updated in March 2017. This standard provides a guide to products and procedures for the painting of   buildings for general domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Click here for a Preview Preview AS 2311-2017

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 Q. Is there an Australian Standard for lead removal?

The Australian standard is AS4361.2:1998 Guide to lead paint management – Residential and commercial buildings

MPA has been actively engaged in the Management of Lead based paint and asbestos training for the residential sector since its inception and has been supporter of the required training completion for its members. Worksafe Victoria with support from the MPAV has released a new lead guidance note for contractors which is now available here ISBN-Managing-lead-based-paint-removal-2017-06 (1) 

 To buy a  full registered copy of the AS 4361.2:1998

Guide-to-Standards-and-Tolerances-2015_Page_01Q. What is the Guide to Standards and Tolerances?

 The Guide to Standards and Tolerances was produced by the Victorian Building Commission in collaboration with NSW Fair Trading, the Tasmanian Government and the ACT Government in 2007.  It has been updated in 2015

The Guide is not a legal document and is not intended to replace the relevant provisions of the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standards. The Guide is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of the tolerances that a building professional will consider in determining whether a building element has been installed/constructed to an acceptable standard.

The Guide helps home owners if building work is in dispute. It deals with such topics as shrinkage around timber window frames, door frames, nail popping in timber floors, plastering, painting ,paving through to footings and foundations.



 Finishing and Decoration of Plasterboard

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The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) and the Australian Paint Manufacturer’s Federation,
recognising the need for a clear and concise position on the finishing and decoration of plasterboard,
have collaborated on the publication of this Information Sheet. This document identifies the standards of
finish which may be expected from different installation, finishing and decoration practices and problems
that may arise from inappropriate choices.